1. Residence.    I understand that, in order to compete in the Miss North Carolina Jr. High/High/Collegiate America Pageant, I must either attend college (collegiate contestants only) in North Carolina which will be the state that I intend to represent at the national Miss Jr. High/High/Collegiate America Pageant, or be a legal resident of North Carolina (Jr. High and High School Contestants).  

2. Gender.  I  am  and  I  have  always  been  a  female.  

3. Marital Status.    I  am  not  now,  and  I  have  never  been  married,  nor  have  I  had  a  marriage  annulled.  

4. Parental Status.    I  am  not  now,  and  I  have  never  been  pregnant.  

5. Good Character.    I  am  of  good  moral  character  and  I  have  not  been  involved  at  any  time  in  any  act  of  moral  turpitude.  

6. Criminal Record.    I have never been convicted of any criminal offence  and  

there  are  no  criminal  charges  presently  pending  against  me.  

7. Health.      I  am  in  good  health  and  can,  to  the  best  of  my  knowledge,  participate  fully  and  without  limitation  in  any  program  activities.  

8. Current Medication.    Other  than  as  specified  in  the  attached  Medical  Information,  Release  Form  C,  I  am  not  presently  being  treated  or  medicated  for  any  medical  condition  or  disability,  and  I  so  not  have  any  reason  to  believe  that  I  will  be  treated  or  medicated  for  any  medical  condition  or  disability  during  the  national  competition  or,  if  being  selected  as  Miss  North Carolina Jr High/High/Collegiate,  during  my  Year  of  Service.  

 9. Conduct of the Competition.    I  understand  and  agree  that  the  Miss North Carolina America Pageant  shall  determine  the  manner  and  method  of  conducting  the  competition  in  its  sole  discretion.    I  further  understand  and  agree  that  the  Miss  North Carolina America Pageant  shall  also  determine  the  time,  method  and  manner  of  judging  the  competition  and  the  awarding  and  supervision  of  all  scholarships  designated  in  its  sole  discretion. The  decision  of  the  persons  designated  by  the  Miss  North Carolina America Pageant  to  judge  the  various  events  in  any  and  all  matters  pertaining  to  the  selection  of  the  winners  shall  be  final  in  all  respects.  

10. Permanent License of Publication Rights.    I  hereby  authorize  the  Miss  North Carolina America  Pageant  and  anyone  dully  licensed  or  authorized  by  the  Miss  High  School  America  Pageant  to  (1)  televise,  photograph,  broadcast  and/or  make  radio,  television,  video  and  audio  tapes  or  motion  picture  recordings  of  me  individually  or  in  a  group;  (2)  use  or  reuse  such  photographs,  recordings,  video  tapes,  audio  tapes  and/or  motion  films  in  all  media  throughout  the  world  in  perpetuity,  and;  (3)  use  my  name,  likeness  and/  or  physical  depiction  for  any  purpose  in  perpetuity,  in  an  unedited  or  edited  manner  or  fashion  as  the  Miss  North Carolina America Pageant,  in  its  sole  discretion,  shall  determine.   This  authorization  shall  also  include  the  use  of  all  such  photographs,  recordings,  videotapes,  audiotapes  and/or  motion  picture  films  made  during  my  Year  of  Service.  

 11. Change in Circumstances.    I  understand  that  if,  at  any  time  between  the  date  if  this  Application  and  Contract  and  the  completion  should  change,  and  facts  concerning  my  eligibility  to  participate  in  the  completion  should  change,  including  without  limitation  my  citizenship,  marital,  or  parental  status,  good  character  and  reputation,  the  Miss North Carolina Collegiate Pageant  shall  have  the  right,  in  its  sole  discretion,  to  determine  that  I  am  not  eligible  to  participate  in  the  competition.  No refunds will be given.

 12. Change in Circumstances.    I  understand  that  if,  at  any  time  between  the  date  of  completion  at  which  I  am  selected  as  Miss  North Carolina Jr.High/High/Collegiate  2019 and  the  completion  of  my  Year  of  Service,  any  facts  concerning  my  eligibility  to  participate  in  the  Program  should  change,  including  without  limitation  my  citizenship,  marital  or  parental  status,  good  character  and  reputation  (Including  Facebook),  the  Miss North Carolina America Pageant  shall  have  the  right,  in  its  sole  discretion,  to  determine  that  I  am  not  eligible  to  continue  to  serve  as  Miss  North Carolina Jr.High/High/Collegiate America 2019.    In that event, the Miss North Carolina America Pageant may, at its option, forfeit my title and all prizes, awards and perquisites of the position.  No refunds will be given

13. Use  of  the  Miss  North Carolina Jr.High/High/Collegiate Title,  Words,  and  symbols  after  the  Year  of  Service.      After  the  conclusion  of  my  Year  of  Service,  I  am  advised  by  the  Miss  North Carolina America Pageant  that,  in  its  sole  and  exclusive  judgment,  my  use  of  any  of  the  titles,  words  or  symbols  associated  with  the  Miss  North Carolina America Pageant  and  the  Program  has  caused  or  is  reasonably  likely  to  cause  harm  to  the  Miss North Carolina America Pageant that   I  agree  to  discontinue  any  such  use  immediately.    I understand and agree that the judgment of the Miss North Carolina America on this question shall be final and binding.  

 14. Behavior. Any contestant or family member or guest showing less than sportsmen – like behavior will lead to the disqualification of the contestant.  No refunds will be given. 

15. Year of Service/Non-Compete Clause.  If I win the title of Miss North Carolina Jr.High/High/Collegiate, I understand that this is a closed title. I agree to hold this title until my successor is chosen, or after 365 days, whichever comes first. I agree that while I am the current title holder, I will not associate with, promote, or participate as a contestant in any other local, national or international competition to any preliminary to any other local, national, or international competition. I understand that the title of “Miss North Carolina Jr.High/High/Collegiate” supersedes any other title that I may hold at the time of the competition (please speak to us if you hold a current title so we can discuss your individual situation). During my reign, I also agree to participate in a minimum of two (2) monthly appearances and to report on these appearances to the National home office. I also understand that it is my responsibility to represent the Miss Jr.High/High/Collegiate America system in a mature manner and not to express any political views in a public forum.


The Comfort Inn in Southern Pines is our host hotel.  They are located at 9801 US Highway 15/501. Their number is 910-215-5500.  Mention that you are with the pageant to get the discounted rate.

Hair and Make-Up Artist Info

There have been several inquiries regarding hair/make-up artists. Hopefully this info will help.

Each contestant is given one back stage pass. That may be used for a hairdresser/make-up artist or a mom/sister. It is up to the contestant as to how they want to use that pass. Only females will be allowed in dressing rooms with contestants.

Hairdressers will be in their own room so they can be male or female. They should bring a mirror and their table. They can bring a power strip if they want.


Hairdressers will need a ticket if they want to watch the pageant. We cannot allow any viewing from backstage. It does not work logistically.

Morning rehearsals end at noon. Therefore, we will allow hairdressers in at 11 to set up in their back room.


Interviews will begin at 2:30. They will be private with judges, standing with no podium which is the same format that nationals uses. We will begin with the Junior High division.

See you Saturday!

If you have one, send us the date of your High School Pageant and we will post it on our events calendar !

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE FOR  PAGEANT - Sunday, October 7th, 2018

   12:00 - 12:30 pm : Orientation

12:30 pm  : Rehearsal begins at the R.E.L. Auditorium at Pinecrest High School, 250 Voit Gilmore Lane in  Southern Pines, NC 28387. 

2:00 pm Rehearsal ends. Lunch on your own. 

3:00 pm Interviews begin at Pinecrest High School Choral Room.

5:00 pm  Contestants report backstage to the R. E. L. Auditorium to check in for the evening.

6:00 pm SHOWTIME!!  Miss North Carolina High School,  Collegiate,  and Junior High  Pageant commences!


Tickets may be pre-purchased for $15 each. Additional tickets will also be available for purchase at the door the night of the event for $20 each. FREE ADMISSION FOR ALL REIGNING QUEENS WHO HAVE ON THEIR CROWN AND SASH!

Miss High School America Mission Statement:

The Miss High School America Pageant competition exists for the purpose of providing personal and professional opportunities for high school girls. It is our goal to provide outstanding high school girls the opportunity to compete in a pageant system that has the highest of moral values.


Christy's Flower Stall has graciously donated flowers to our winners!   Christy's Flower Stall will be on site for your pageant needs on competition day!  Please support our sponsors!  Click here for Christy's Website

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