Contestants will model a fun outfit that shows off their personality. It can be anything that you choose: dress, pants suits, etc.! (no jeans or shorts) Feel free accessorize with hats, jewelry, belts, etc. No swimsuits or mid-riff revealing attire will be allowed. Think "High Fashion New York Runway". Each contestant will model their outfit on stage to fun upbeat music. Judges will be looking for contestants' personality on stage, an outfit that shows off contestants' uniqueness/personality, and contestants' confidence. This category represents 20% of the contestant's overall score.


The contestant's evening gown choice should reflect her  own personality and style. The monetary value of the gown is not a consideration for judging. The judges will be looking at "the girl in the gown", not the gown on the girl. Gown must be floor length. Contestants may wear either gowns with full skirts or fitted gowns. Full skirts (ballgown style) are required for the Junior High division. Gowns with slits are allowed up to the knee only in the high school division.  Collegiates are allowed to wear gowns with slits. Use good judgement. Judges will award points based on overall appearance, beauty, poise, stage presence, fashion sense and the contestant's ability to project comfortable elegance.  This category represents 40% of the contestant's overall score.


This will be a 3-5 minute panel style private interview with the judges. Questions will be based on contestant's biography and age relevant topics. Topics may  include the following: peer pressure, today's role models, etc. It is always a good idea to stay informed on what is going on in your community, state and nation. The judges will be scoring each contestant on her ability to communicate, answer questions concisely and  consistently, her character and her overall presentation.    Attire: career style dress is suggested along with coordinating heels.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         This category represents 40% of the contestant's overall score.


At the 2013 pageant we offered awards in the following categories:  Class Favorite,  Spirit Award, Overall Interview Winner, Overall Fashion Runway Winner, and Overall Evening Gown Winner. Award areas are subject to change. There was a $100 check presented from Victoria Baskett (Miss North Carolina High School 2012) to the contestant that had the highest interview score. Ashton Blackburn (Miss NC Jr High 2013) presented the award for the highest score for Junior High interview.

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